Third-Party Home Inspections

Quality Control That Lives Up: Third-Party Home Inspections

At StyleCraft Homes we built our reputation on providing superior craftsmanship and quality of materials. While a commitment to these bedrock principles gives us the utmost confidence that all our homes Live Up in every way, we wanted to do more. StyleCraft Homes’ designed Best-in-Class Protection as a suite of services that provide homeowners peace of mind — and a path forward in the rare event that an issue arises. These key services include our Home Inspections, the thorough examination of a home that’s traditionally part of the home sales process. Beginning in 2015, we stopped conducting home inspections in-house and partnered with trusted vendor A House on a Rock, a top-flight home inspection company, to perform this service in a way that was more reflective of our Live Up pledge.

Third-Party Inspections In A Snapshot

Why Third-Party Inspections?

We don’t perform Third-Party inspections because they’re cheaper or easier. We made this decision because they make for a superior home-buying experience. Here are the key benefits our homebuyers experience through Third-Party Inspections:

  • An Outside Perspective: By bringing in a team of outside experts that may think a little bit different than us, we’re gaining access to new techniques and other know-how to ensure we’re meeting and exceeding building code requirements. This drives our ability to build homes that Live Up in every way possible.
  • Greater Confidence: We think it’s important that our homeowners receive information as critical as home inspection reports from an objective third party. In creating some separation between the homebuilding and inspection processes, we believe we gain even greater credence in homeowners’ eyes.
  • Superior Value: StyleCraft cover the cost for Third-Party Inspections, which would cost homebuyers between $400 and $1,000 on the open market. This value manifests itself in additional ways, including in comprehensive inspection reports that can be very beneficial if a StyleCraft homeowner chooses to sell their home down the road. Also, with StyleCraft removed from the home inspection process, we’re able to have a greater focus on quality control on the front end of the home construction.

How StyleCraft Third-Party Inspections Measure Up

Since launching our Third-Party Inspections, this decision has been reinforced in a number of ways. Here are a few measures of that success:

  • Higher Marks: We’ve seen our quality inspection scores steadily rise since beginning the Third-Party Inspection program. Higher scores add up to higher home quality, demonstrating that we’re are living up to and surpassing our homeowners’ expectations.
  • Thumbs Up: We regularly hear from our homeowners — in reviews, surveys and casual conversation — just how our third-party approach to home inspections drive accountability and quality. With this compelling hard data and anecdotal evidence combined, it’s crystal clear we won’t be second-guessing our Third-Party inspections.
  • Following Our Lead: Many of our competitors still manage home inspections in-house. But how much motivation do they have to report any issues when they’re the ones ultimately accountable for reconciling the work? It’s an antiquated approach. That said, a few competing home builders took notice when we changed our process and have followed suit. But they don’t have our top-flight partner, A House on a Rock, which we would rank above any other home inspection company.

To learn even more about how Third-Party Inspections provide a trusted process for nailing all the details of your new home, please view or download our detailed e-brochure.

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