The StyleCraft Advantage: Everything You Could Want Under One Roof

StyleCraft Homes sets itself apart from other builders in the way our homes Live Up. This manifests itself in many ways, from carefully listening to homeowner input, to redesigning our floor plans every few years to optimize features for how people are actually living.

Equally critical to our approach to homebuilding is the StyleCraft Advantage, an apt name for some truly unique and carefully designed features that come standard in our homes. These are features built around the way you live, and are tailored to each of our lifestyles.

You’ll find that some of our StyleCraft Advantage features are considered upgrades with competing builders. And others simply don’t exist. Here is quick look at how each of the StyleCraft Advantage features benefit our homeowners, with one key feature highlighted that’s a consistent offering across all our lifestyles.

Dial in Comfort and Savings with Energy Advantage

You shouldn’t have to constantly bundle up and lose layers as you attempt to find the sweet spot in your new construction home. No, you should be able to find that just right setting in no time — while at the same time heating and cooling your home as efficiently as possible, driving down your bills as you Live Up. One way we make this happen for homeowners is by using insulation of greater R value in our attics, which then allows us to install HVAC equipment that runs more efficiently . (See other ways our homes stand out when it comes to creating the ideal environment.)

Plug into Productivity with Connection Advantage

We’ve worked hard to ensure our homes connect the dots between the home you live in and the lifestyle you aspire to. With our Connection Advantage, your home is wired so that you can easily recharge and connect your electronic devices. Forward-thinking features such as USB charging ports allow you to easily charge your mobile devices, while using the outlets for additional devices. This is not just a cutting-edge feature designed to help you connect your devices — it’s also designed to help you connect with the world around you.

Troubleshoot Everyday Life with Convenience Advantage

You shouldn’t have to connect an extension cord to your vacuum to clean up a spilled box of cereal in the kitchen closet. But you should be able to multi-task in the bathroom without having to bring in a surge protector. With our Convenience Advantage, you’ll find outlets in the closets and vanity of the owner’s suite — those unexpected places where added convenience saves you time and frustration. Enjoy the little touches that make life easier, all seamlessly designed to Live Up when you need them most.

The StyleCraft Advantage is our way of building around you and your lifestyle, while making it easier and more convenient for you to Live Up. Speaking of Lifestyle, check out how StyleCraft Advantage features are uniquely crafted for each of our three lifestyles: Gateway, Expressions, and Freestyle.