At StyleCraft Homes, we live by the phrase “Don’t Expect, What You Don’t Inspect.” You expect your new home to be built to the highest quality standards, that’s why our Project Manager and Area Construction Manager inspect every phase of construction to ensure that your home meets our high expectations. Our Quality Assurance Inspections ensure your home is reviewed at three key phases of construction: Foundation Inspection, Pre-Drywall Inspection, and Pre-Settlement Inspection.


We don’t perform in-house home inspections because they’re cheaper or easier. We made this decision because they make for a superior home-buying experience. Here are the key benefits our homebuyers experience through this new, in-house service:

  • Quicker Turnaround: We think it’s important that our homeowners receive information as critical as home inspection reports in a timely manner. By having our Area Construction Manager and Project Managers inspect your homes , we gain more control over scheduling and deliverables, meaning that we’ll be able to schedule inspections sooner, and you’ll be informed quicker.
  • More Informed Perspective: StyleCraft’s Area Construction Manager and Project Managers is well versed on not only construction codes, but what each homebuyer truly values within their home (the benefit of in-house communication). So, we’re able to ensure we’re meeting and exceeding building code requirements as well as check all of your must-haves twice, so that you feel your home Lives Up in every way possible.
  • Superior Value: StyleCraft covers the cost for home inspections, which would cost homebuyers between $400 and $1,000 on the open market. This value manifests itself in additional ways, including comprehensive inspection reports that can be very beneficial if a StyleCraft homeowner chooses to sell their home down the road.


Since focusing on StyleCraft’s home inspection program over the last few years, we’ve charted new territory in homeowner satisfaction. Here’s a few measures of this success:

  • Higher Marks: We’ve seen our quality inspection scores steadily rise since beginning a dedicated home inspection program. Higher scores add up to higher home quality, demonstrating that we’re are living up to and surpassing our homeowners’ expectations.
  • Thumbs Up: We regularly hear from our homeowners — in reviews, surveys, and casual conversation — just how our approach to home inspections drives accountability and quality. With this compelling hard data and anecdotal evidence combined, it’s crystal clear we won’t be second-guessing this complimentary service.