Energy Advantage

Our Homes Live Up To Comfort And Savings

optima wall installBlown-in wall insulation in every home provides a higher thermal resistance than conventional insulation, offering R value (a standard industry measure of thermal resistance) of 15, significantly higher than the R13 value offered by conventional insulation. Conventional insulation is installed in rolls that are of a predetermined size, and often that means pockets in the wall cavity will not be properly insulated. Blown-in wall insulation provides more thorough insulation around pipes, wires and other details within the wall, ensuring these items are covered completely.

R49 blown-in insulation in the attic of every home (and R38 insulation where needed) saves the typical homeowner on energy costs all year long. By using insulation of greater R value in the attic, we’re able to install HVAC equipment that runs more efficiently and cost-effectively, resulting in significant energy savings over the lifetime of the HVAC unit.

An insulated garage in every home provides a more desirable temperature for your vehicles and for personal belongings that may be stored in this space. For those who enjoy working in the garages, the insulation provides a more comfortable environment. The garage door is also insulated, which means that it is much quieter to operate than a conventional garage door.

Connection Advantage

Our Homes Live Your Lifestyle

StructuredWiring_TVStructured wiring with 4 cables for immediate connections and speedier future installations. High performance Cat5 cabling, professional distribution modules and quick, easy, convenient connectors make your home office functional, and game room entertainment-ready, upon move-in. Structured wiring will also make other installations easier down the road, if needed.

One convenient center of entertainment with custom shelf for structured wiring that fits all of your equipment. No more running between this shelf or cabinet and that, or between rooms. Your centralized media distribution center keeps modules, power supplies and cabling organized and clutter-free — in one place — for speedier installations and long-term durability. And true to our standards for quality, Legrand leads the industry in 20 professional connectivity solutions for homes and offices.

Connection_USBOutlet_KitchenCharging-Coffee2 USB charging ports in the rooms of your choosing allow you to conveniently charge your mobile devices while using the outlets for additional devices.

Convenience Advantage

Smart Features Available for StyleCraft Freestyle Homes

door-openerA garage door opener means a lot less hassle. Whether it’s raining or you have groceries or other items to carry inside, we make it easy for you to open your garage door and enter your home.

An electrical outlet in the closet and vanity of the owners’ suite makes life simpler. Maybe you’re in a hurry and need to quickly iron a suit or a blouse. That’s why we’ve conveniently placed an outlet where you need one most. And maybe you like to keep bathroom counters uncluttered — free of hair dryers, curling or straightening irons and electric razors. Outlets in the cabinet make it easy to keep devices charged and out of sight.

3-foot wide doors for easy access to all of the main first-floor rooms.

Comfort-height, elongated toilets, about 2 inches taller than traditional toilets to make sitting and standing
up easier.