Building on Your Feedback

We don’t just ask for your feedback to store it away in a file and forget it, or to hear homeowners rave about working with us. We do it to identify gaps, those areas where we can stand to improve, and to fill those gaps with enhancements shaped by your suggestions. If you choose StyleCraft as your homebuilder or already have, know that when we ask for your feedback, we’ll do our best to put it to work. In the same way that current StyleCraft homeowners’ thoughtful input could help shape your homebuying experience, your two cents could do the same for future StyleCraft homeowners.

A Quick Introduction…

Meet Eliant, a top-flight nationwide customer survey company. They’re our partner, and your go-between, when it comes to collecting homebuyer feedback. We made this move in 2014, as we previously managed customer surveys from under our roof. That was before we realized there was a better way to make this happen…

What Eliant Brings to the Table

By now, you’ve probably heard about how StyleCraft uses a third-party to conduct home inspections. That’s done with you in mind. Bringing in an outside expert who does what they do best allows us to focus on what we do best: building your home. Plus, it never brings survey credibility into question. While we do our best to be approachable and be great listeners, sometimes it’s just easier to share honest feedback with a trusted third party. We totally get it. We encourage you to share every aspect of your home purchase with Eliant, from construction quality to customer service. Rest assured it will find its way to us without missing a beat.

What to Expect

OK, so you’ve read a lot about being asked to provide input on your homebuying experience. Don’t worry, Eliant is not going to constantly solicit feedback from you. In fact, they’ll only reach out three times…

  1. Move-In Survey
    About a month after you move into your new StyleCraft home – right about the time you’ve emptied those final boxes – you’ll receive a survey asking you to score our employees, vendors / partners, as well as the processes we use to sell, close, and initially service your new home. We also want to know your first impressions of living in your new home in as much detail as you’re willing to share. This initial survey will arrive by email and take less than 10 minutes to complete. Yep, that’s it.
  2. Mid-Year Customer Service Review
    Around the five-month mark, you’ll hear from us again. This time we’ll ask you to take a few minutes to review your customer service experience. Have we been responsive? Polite? Did we follow through on everything we promised? We want to hear all about it. And you only need about two minutes to complete this email survey.
  3. Year-End Home Quality Survey
    Can you believe it’s almost been a year? Now that you’ve had about 10 months to live in and explore your new home, we’d love to hear about it. Is the quality everything you’d hoped for? Are the features living up to your expectations? (Of course, if not, we don’t just want to hear about it. We want to fix it, too.) You’ll be able to complete this final survey in 10 minutes or less.

All together, we’re just asking you to find about 25 minutes to reflect on your experiences and share them with Eliant, who will share it with us. For our future homebuyers, that little bit of time can make a world of difference, the same way it’s benefitted you. (One more thing: There is even a little incentive to respond to survey requests. Eliant will randomly draw one winner each trimester to take home an iPad or other sweet prize.)

What Happens Next?

We already shared that we regularly act on homeowner input. So, what does that look like? We’re glad you asked. Your feedback might spark changes in floor plans or even lead to significant process changes to make things as easy and streamlined as possible. All of our team members look forward hearing what you have to say so we can ensure that buying and living in your new StyleCraft home are both something to write home about.