Design With a Difference

A home that lives well begins with superior design. Working closely with industry-leading architectural firms, we use a 10-step charrette that brings architects, designers and builders together to create, critique and refine the floor plans for all of our Lifestyles. In fact, we reconfigure all of our home designs every few years, listening to our homebuyers and relying on the latest research to give us insight into how people of different ages and life stages work, rest, play and reconnect in their homes.

Best-in-Class Protection

We’re so confident of the quality of our materials and in our construction techniques and craftsmanship that we’re able to warranty just about everything in, on and under your home. And here’s another important StyleCraft difference: while many homebuilders outsource warranty service, we have our own in-house warranty team, solely focused on the getting the job done right.

The StyleCraft Advantage

StyleCraft homes are designed for the way you live today, but they’re built to last lifetimes. All of our homes include exceptional features that most builders would sell as upgrades or not offer at all — we call these the Energy Advantage, Connection Advantage and Convenience Advantage and they’re uniquely tailored to the specific needs of each StyleCraft Lifestyle.