Different by Design: Flex Rooms

It’s not enough to build a home of uncompromising quality from foundation to ceiling. To truly create homes and communities that stand above others, and stand out in the minds of homebuyers like you, we need to create distinctive designs with a compelling purpose behind each. This approach is reflected in our “Design with a Difference” building philosophy, and also in this blog series, which we’re calling “Different by Design.” Here, we dig into the key features that set our homes and floor plans apart from the pack. We’ll talk about why we made these design choices, and how they raise the bar for everyday living.

If there’s anything that helps you tackle life’s curveballs, it’s flexibility. At StyleCraft, we understand that plans, goals, and needs change. That’s why we build versatility into our floor plans. One example of this is our “Flex Rooms” — a conveniently located space in your home that can serve a variety of purposes. And the best part? You can always change your mind and repurpose the space to Live Up in a different way down the road.


We realize that most homes need a space that can adapt to the fast-paced and ever-changing modern family. Whether new family members are moving in, or young-adults are moving out, our spaces are designed to give you the flexibility you need. While Flex Rooms have common uses that we see frequently, the way you use the space is only limited by your creativity.


Don’t consider this an exhaustive list of every which way to design a Flex Room. These are just a few choice selections for making your versatile space work for you and your family.


Growing your side-hustle? Kids taking too many AP classes? Sometimes you need a dedicated space to focus on your to-do list. Using a Flex Room as a workspace can help you have office-like focus, without the commute. Plus, adding optional double doors can make the space feel like your own personal library.
Want to see it for yourself? Come take a look at our Appomattox Model Home, located at the Landing at Swift Creek.


Your ticket to never losing sleep: the Dual Owner’s Suite. This Flex Room-turned bedroom, available in some 55+ floor plans, allows you the flexibility to have two Owner’s bedrooms, connected by the Owner’s bath. An extra bedroom, with snore-free surroundings, will help you maximize your 8 hours of rest, noise-cancelling headphones not required.
Want to see it for yourself? Come take a look at our Shenandoah Model Home, located at the Villas at Ashford Hill.


First-floor bedrooms are the real MVP when it comes to home design. Turning your Flex Room into a guest bedroom can help you avoid resorting to an air mattress in the living room when guests visit. Plus, if you decide to go this route during the home-building stage, the room can be modified with a closet.
Want to see it for yourself? Come take a look at our Wilson Model Home, located at Cambria Cove


Don’t worry if you can’t think of an immediate need for your Flex Room. We feel pretty confident that down the road you’ll be grateful for the extra space!